Intro to Magical Spirituality & Basic View of it’s Sciences

The Basics of Esoteric Sciences & Philosophies

by Cris Blakk

This is a nice and easy way to start off in magic. I chose the more healthy and proper way to prepare your mind and body for magical spirituality and it’s sciences to benefit you. Viewing Kemetic ritual structures and conjunct them to find the core value and connection of Quantum Biological information (magick) that you can decide for yourself if it connects and makes sense. Along with this we will be viewing Chakra Science, Meditation, Cleansing, Breathing and all the things that are commonly known to connect the human race, religions and many magical sciences.

“Coming into being, Awakened, Enlightened, Xepar, Metaphysical, Spiritual”, and all kinds of terms, words and phrases to describe a person realizing that there is more then meets the eye in reality of all our lives in this current age we abide together in…..

What is the first thing that we all have in common with everyone in the world or at least a larger percentage of the world takes part of? We wake up in the morning and go about our day. Believe it or not this is a ritual so to speak because it’s going to determine your week on how you treat your human morning. The sun is the most powerful star and planet near Earth. Therefor, we humans use everything we can possibly use even just on a physically normal level. The sun feeds the plants and our whole way of living and we we don’t realize is that there is even more power through a cosmological view point to advance humans with favor from the act of manifesting one’s realty. What is the point you ask?

Your first magical ancient ritual that leads all the way back to the Anu in Africa which is called RESH. This should be your most important ritual is to connect with the closest and most powerful star.

Resh is greeting the sun under the protective and tower like watch of the land before the sun and we greet the sun in the name of that anu or god and there are 4 times to greet the sun so there are 4 spirits or gods of those points of time for one day. You don’t have to choose all of them but at least try one or two for 30 days and tell me if your life don’t change. This is just one ritual or one type of magick. See this will cause more humans to have respect for magic/magick and creat historic alchemical mass of energy distribution for your favor or intention.

Here is a website that measures time zones and time to the perfect second for you to perform this ritual unto the sun. But after clicking on the link you must click on home and then click on “resh times” and you can fill out the time zone for your area so you can get your true resh time for ritual.

The second thing we are going to get into is meditation. I don’t care what you say or think. Your not going to learn how to truly release unwanted energy unless its first by relaxing which will lead to a higher kundalini and manifesting rate. See if there was a meter no matter what most people either hit the mark for a short period of time or hit the medium and ride out a wave while peaking once or twice and then fall off. And the small percentage hitting the heights and maybe even becoming rich and famous. You can’t manifest if your energy is rushing and going crazy unless we are talking about baneful works which that is not what we are doing here. No need to tain your system if you’re not ready for that type of magical energy work. So you are going to find time to sit and be quite. Nothing hard or anything relating to rocket science but something we all deserve and that is to relax. Drop all though. Be unto you. This is also part of self preservation and self care which believe it or not is a mission statement for nurses in all fields of medical and hospital work. Did you know that you can manifest by just breathing? Did you know that you can add muscle to your quantum biological structure in your body by breathing certain ways and visualizing your own healing. Not good for you to go out and heal when you need healing yourself. It’s not going to hurt anyone else but you. Some people have been doing it for years and are mastering it but its good to take baby steps in magick so you appreciate your “come up”.

Chakras are amazing because there are so many schools of thought and its enough to try and allow healing and building that will lead to be able to perform crafts, works and manifesting and hopefully an even higher growth in people wanting to heal others. One amazing thing about chakras are that there are stories of beings and gods of other spiritual and religion traditions or sciences that show how each chakra can represent one god. This is a sign that humans are more powerful that we think. Chakras heal our bodies even when we don’t realize that if we didn’t get involved with this we wouldn’t have healed as much. Yogic Chakra teachings are originally vedic and later Yoga was made. Yogic chakra teachings are to me not that hard to comprehend and learn truth about the word chakra, how to pronounce and the history. After wards you can start learning how to properly open and close your chakras, align your chakras and cleanse your chakras. This will lead to the final phase of this teaching which is Energy Movement.

Learn to move energy in your body and around you. You have a magnetic field around you to, heal, yourself, others and manifest for your life.

You can start by breathing in and out of your nose deep and calm. Begin to visualize the energy in your body and do a simple technique by moving the energy flowing from your right hand chakra into your left hand chakra. Try to maintain and nice generous distance. This will teach you that your chakras and energy movement can increase in power because they are similar to muscle memory and how that works. After a while you can now remove and replace energy and also push energies like headaches and pain from your own body right through your chakras and meridians. This will lead to you wanting to master either Reiki, Prana, Qigong or all three for healing. Healing is a powerful attribute involving manifesting through craft, planetary alchemic work or ritual or thought alone. After 90 days choose a magical religion or structure to learn and become a part of and attempt to manifest through a working of that religion or structure.


You can do a simple light meditation and start with a small ball the size of a ping pong or golf ball and allow it to grow into a vehicle. You get in it and allow the vehicle to become you and then you star burst filling every cell and blood vessel. Every muscle and spot on your body causing a pur bright light star burst to come out of every meridian, chakra and pore until you feel so good. Breath and relax while you do this for an hour once a week or 2 minutes a day and it will cleanse you completely. You will begin to notice how you also feel strongly to react to any given situation in the highest wisdom of your well being and add great strength to your psychic readings, healings and magical workings. Thank you for being a part of this and Increase and favor to you new road.

Here is a another great website to help you with your sorcery 😉

Ashe and Sarava!

Cris Blakk

Esoteric Science Practitioner


Decreasing The Gloom

They say faith without works is dead but is that the case for all believing sects and systems and circles? Yes, faith is a something things hoped for, a substance unseen. The works part I was reminded by a sweet magical sister from the south who told me that magick is like the part that reaches for the goal but you can’t just sit there. If you want something go after it and your magick will make it possible to reach your goal without the intrusion of cheaters or haters or anyone or anything trying to stop you. Yes these hoping mechanics of a spiritual nature and the acts of “putting your hand to the plow” or as some root workers might say “putting your feet to your own prayers,” lol is what even the greater sorcerers and energy workers of our time already work and manifest and reach the progression there of like lets say Michael W Ford, Carol Poke Runyon and Carlos Monetenegro or Rhapsody Hooks.  Faith is for everyone and everything.


I started my magick over a year ago and at the time there were instances where I didn’t know what I was doing all the days of my candle mingling the red, green and white intentions but what i was doing did not come back void due to the current green light chakra which is the reason why I even give a crap at all. Today, I am placing my intention on the well-fare of others so as to make a path of a comfort zone if you will which is not of weakness or ego or anything negative but progress.

I was kinda down these last few months because of situations in my life which I attempted to control by means of my own energy work but what I didn’t realize . I guess sometimes when the Universe says no its no but hold on a minute there world….something inside me told me to not give up no matter how gloomy it looks but let go of the neurotic thoughts which play contrary to what faith means when it comes to any kind of ritual work, light or dark. So, I continued in my faith and the spells and rituals I have been doing to bring people together for a great and amazing cause which only benefits the magical community.

I have been working with some amazing people and I am glad that I have met them. Things are starting to look up and this is exactly what the gods which I am intimate with left my mind with comfort, pointing out that the best progress in magick ritual work is the ones which seem to be failing and crashing at the last minute then all of a sudden, like a lifesaver just about when you can’t take it anymore and you release this sigh of relief and you look at your gods and say thanx man!

Things may not be perfect but the more ground raises to stand on the better it will be when this job is completed. This is just the first steps in what this magical community may want but might not see it yet.

I send my love and peace and power throughout this magical community whether it need severe healing or not. I never felt such a strong love and closeness to anything such as magick and all the esoteric science and philosophies I have touched. This moment in time will be spoken about through the next 50 years hopefully.

Much love to everyone out there!

Cris Blakk