The ‘vibes’ you feel at any given time….are always within you and around you called intuition, which is your awareness system that keeps you focused on self awareness and consciousness in regard to your surroundings and relationships. Everything that exists vibrates and everything that vibrates makes sound. The human ear cannot hear most of the sounds as the tones ascend higher or lower, however, we are literally swimming in a Celestial Sea of Music in this God Soup or Universe (whatever ya wanna call it) and realize that your thoughts and words combined with your intention, can be either healing or deadly. (HAARP). God gave us free will – too bad he didn’t a lot of us better judgment! lol Seriously, though – give Sound Therapy a try sometime. Using the sounds of your own voice can really bring a lot of clarity in how we play out this lifetime. The best part, releasing sound from the body is not singing so everyone can do it. It’s not about beauty – it’s about freedom, wordless prayer – whatever you need at the moment. I had a young man who was blind from birth so when I guided his meditation, it was based on texture not color. The same end was achieved….deep relaxation physically, emotionally and spiritually – which is the stepping off point to all healing. Just wanted to share that with you. ♥

Gail Chasin