Let Go of That Which Compels You

If I call it addiction, many will turn their nose up at this but there are levels ins and outs of the grid that unfortunately make those lesser parts part of compulsion and addiction as well. Leo Season is the secret time to over come addiction or complete goals.

I try to gather myself to begin to do the things I’m so supposed to do in my life or to cease doing things that are not healthy. There were the greatest men and women of time who dug their feet into a foundation and did whatever the hell they wanted and made a difference. You couldn’t tell them anything but the one thing that makes me wonder is that fact that they didn’t last long and their death was disruptive as if it wasn’t really their time yet. I think of people in my time alone like Whitney Houston or Patrice O’Neal. We all know it wasn’t their time but perhaps they pushed the envelope or maybe not. Which ever way they went, we know that there are super strong people who know what they are doing until they realized that everything they were telling everyone not to do, they found themselves pushing the limit regardless of details, we know that artists like them should have been around for this life time.

I am grateful for reminders. Oggun the Orisha is all about rehabilitating people. Oggun opens the roads even wider and branches your roads and super strengthens your mind and life but the one thing about Oggun I come to know for sure is that is an ideal within so for further success you must move forward on these types of decisions on your own. Just you, your mind and heart. One Soul self god ready to do something that is supposed to be normal to succeed over and not the other way around. I have certain times in my life where I can’t accept anything below a line in which I drew a very long time ago. I sure had experienced loss but I gained more than ever and I realized to succeed over compulsion and addiction you must defeat self-sabotage , seeking negativity in other things even if your just positive with yourself, doing something you know damn well your going to pay for it in negatively in more than one way, speaking against anything that you would want to succeed by now you also know damn well that you shouldn’t be talking like that to yourself, your life, your possessions, or others and others possessions and life. Oggun is an amazing metal health program if you become cognizant of what he is really about. Oggun is this doctor really. He is a surgeon of the mind and emotion. Refining your thoughts. Tactical, maneuvering through your life in his greatness. And when we come to no excuse to have to face this compulsion or addiction, we will also come to know that sometimes we may even block ourselves from not completing something perhaps, for example not wanting to finish writing a book for whatever reason, not wanting to stop eating white foods, Not starting to get physical exercise. Besides quitting cigarettes, drinking wine, heavy drugs, over eating, over sexing, over working or over anything. Whatever the case may be, it doesn’t matter! You must take initiative towards these steps. This is the time to do it. and the fall you will refine even more and this winter we will refine even more and when the spring comes, we will be ready for an amazing change. Who knows if you get your shyt super tight, you might just get it off on the end of winter. Whats that a month of a difference?

You will come to a surprise that you my friend God or Goddess that we need you man! We need you like quench this fire against humanity. The more people begin to have self-control and bring their conservative out but obviously for specific purposes, we will start to see the community rise more than ever. Certain things will change and more and more people will be building instead of just partying and wishing they would have been busy building. Me? I’m all for kicking back and enjoy the air. Ask anyone! However, even I am thinking deeply on this. I wake up sometimes feeling like I’m dead but it’s just the hustle and grind of life. It’s not about relaxing but turning up a notch. I know there are yall out there that have been living that life and it’s time for yall to kick back more and rest more. See there are all kinds of levels of different “over do’s” and “under do’s” that are not severe or of a high magnitude such as heroin addiction. We all must address this to elevate and assist in raising motivation of others raising their own energy. Truth is, it’s when your tired and your just not feeling the same about it anymore. I have done things or not done things and thought about my will not wanting to do certain things right was because of my anxiety. I’m not saying all healed %100 but I think if we constantly wait till we think the time or the setting is perfect then we will always be waiting as if we are in a state of fear of loss. Mover forward with courage now. Spark your fire and go!

It’s all about being over it. If you’re not over it, you will still be about it and stay compelled and addicted. Come back to YOU AND relearn to love yourself for your better welfare and well-being.



Con Amor, Ashe!