Santa Muerte Tarot 12 Card Spread

The Santa Muerte Tarot is a hit in the tarot community and I myself am enjoying using this deck for videos and posts like this one. The creator of the Santa Muerte Tarot is none other then Fabio Listrani. Thank Fabio. Can’t wait to get your new Santa Muerte Oracle Deck.

So this 12 card spread is an old school life line type of spread but as far as my intent, well, I sae it more as a level or phase and allow the universe to show the time specifics if need be.


Time Interval: Phase 1

1st Draw – 4 of Wands


This particular card the 4 of Wands was drawn upside down but first let me explain the right side up and normal meaning. The 4 of Wands right side up means creativity, balance and prosperity and manifesting. And for the placement that it represents a foundation in position as being the 1st card tells the soul of the person and how things started off for this particular person or like I said before my intention is to read the whole Los Angeles almost like the way the ephemeris is supposed to be read. These cards are following in time are other parts and the ones underneath at times perfectly connect to the first position from top to bottom so the two cards underneath will be also part of that foundation regardless if it is right side up or up side down. The 4 of Wands for Santa Muerte means balance and prosperous and I can see that this reading has something to do with something specific like talent and/or administrations. So far, for Los Angeles, this is calling out to all people and every sign to come together in talent and help the up and coming talent in guidance and wisdom especially for balance. Balance is important for those to awaken or the youth. The only thing I can say is that if this card was upside down then that would mean that the person is getting too attached to the elevation of what was manifested.

Try appreciating and working with what you have and drawing increase to what you have and truly enjoying yourself in wellness in this particular and present moment.


This next card is being drawn from left to right. 4 across and 3 down.

2nd Card Drawn – THE HERMIT XI

20180418_021549 This card is pretty famous and well know in the tarot and for the santa muerte this card means to go inward and do major meditation and search for answers. Perhaps if you are experienced in scrying, it helps me for certain. Just easy thinking and relaxation and asking the universe what it is you need to fix about yourself or your life. Perhaps something you should address. For many it’s a certain attitude or probably a bad habit. For others it could be physical like working out or dieting and losing weight for health reasons. And also for most, when it comes to talents, there are projects, books, songs, albums, inventions, house projects, promises and duties all left for the “I’ll get to it when I can” but never accomplished to completion. This major archana is more about shedding and completing these things that were left in the life line of all people will do better taking care of all dealing with the matters once and for all.


3rd Card Drawn – Page of Cups

20180418_033550 The Page of Cups is a lesson in life to teach you that you aint no Emperor yet. If you want to be cream of the crop you have to act as if you are always a beginner so to speak. Most beginners are either studying a lot or just studying enough to set them off in each part of a structure such as Math or a trade like Electricity. I mean you have to go to school for that, doctor, scientist whatever man. You have to be certified in everything these days. This is a nice recourse or revisiting the things that you didn’t master. Mastering and sharping your skills like some psychics try to do readings without tools to make their psychic energy stronger and see deeper. It can be anything. Dirt bike motor cross racing, baking, growing herbs for healing, or anything you are good at, sooner or later your going to find yourself looking stuff up. Go out and get certified. This card is not so much a perfectionist but telling you that before the universe ups the level on you or anything you been waiting for, when this card pops up, it means to perfect yourself so you can face that upper level because its going to come with increase in favor and blessings, gifts, raises, prizes, winnings, promotions, and anything like that it can also come with any level teaching and some may even be saturnish which we all know can be a bit uncomfortable but only makes our souls like iron and light.


4th Card Drawn – 10 of Swords

20180418_051713 The 10 of Swords Upside Down but I will explain the right side up first like I did with the other cards. The 10 Swords means that you have transformed and now ready to face what is ahead. Now upside down this could very well have some different reasons to be fair to the difference between fault and circumstance. I guess in a sense in doesn’t matter but upside down this means that going forward is not possible because of either not preparing right or again due to uncontrollable circumstance. This means that the person can’t be held account of that is the truth about why but then gain it’s just a card telling you. Forget the past that may feel as though it seems haunting. Just let it all go and relax and fix your problems.


Time Interval: Phase 2 – Many of times giving a reading, I will see the 2nd Phase in my clients as the present time. Just like if you draw only 3 cards as in a time line, you will notice the middle being the holding time or the present.

5th Card Drawn – Page of Swords

20180418_065827 The Page of Swords is a huge opportunity card. However this one upside down means that there is a block or trouble. So the solution remains to be the same. Look out for opportunity. Keep searching and don’t give up. Sorry but this one is very simple and to the point, no need to add to this due to the fact that upside down is a sign that the spirits are helping…wink wink.


6th Card Drawn – 5 of Cups


Funny how Santisima teaches and brings you through to new levels of your life that you need even though they might not be comfortable. The 5 of Cups is the perfect card for retreating inwardly. This card tells that there will be a period of time to think about your emotions and how it plays out especially if we face daily or seldom challenges which are personal obviously being that this card is about going into yourself like a meditation and dealing with your emotions. Yes we have a maze of emotions and that is what you see at the top of the card. This card is displaying a skeleton with a sheep face and a maze on the brain. No one ever said that dealing with our emotions is easy. This is why changing for the better is a strong task because we are coming to a view of ourselves that we may not agree with. You just need to meditate and think about how your emotions might overwhelm others so we need to do all we can to bring balance to our life especially with our emotions. BTW….when it comes to being really in-tune with your psychic skills intuitively, we


7th Card Drawn – THE STAR XVII

20180428_022720 I think I might attempt to over explain the against the actuality of this card in my humanness but the truth is that it is saying in it’s upside down form that the person has lost hope. However, we must understand that this might really be a drop in energy. Then again that also does not matter against the truth which right side up this hope. The more elevated mind does not need hope but there is a magical mindset in not giving up and hoping. The other mind will say that they are just testing the idea of success but that if it doesn’t happen but there is a great energy in our emotions. Our emotions can either rule over us, hence the card falling upside down or we can benefit from them. Nevertheless, this card means what it means. So if this is you then please don’t give up. Don’t stop feeling that excitement and joy even though you might not be getting what you wanted yet. Hold on! Someone will notice your energy and so for this reason the energies/the dead/spirits….will see you through to your contact of the up the ladder climbing of your business or talent or whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish but if you give up now or lower your energy towards your goals, you may miss something. Allow the energies to help you but we have to be in tune with them more even just by taking the time to meditate and relax. This will set the tone for energies to communicate and give you hints.


8th Card Drawn – 3 of Wands

20180428_025913 The 3 of Wands is all about Opportunity through social encounters. New beginnings, new relationships and so on which can all lead to other opportunities. This is such a great view of the end of the second phase in the timeline of this reading. This shows improvement because that is what this card’s energy is. The card is saying that improvement is happening. So this is a great turn around from the prior card which was “The Star” upside down. This is great because the energies are hinting on a great end of the last phase. Wonderful!


Last Time Interval: Final Phase

If this was a personal friend, I’d be feeling real good for him or her according to the changing of forseen outcome and uprising of positive energy. These cards are what is coming or has already started

9th Card Drawn – THE EMPRESS III

20180428_031253 The Empress represents a time of a rise in creative energy. Here is where you have to be alert and ready. I say ready and this card is also dealing with the making sure of things. We want to be clear in our communications, making sure all your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed! This is serious business with the representation of the self and the fact that the tight rope part of the card is to be careful but know when to act because of the action is too impulsive, you may be cut from something where you should have been allowed your time of development. So be on your p’s and q’s. Use this grand time of creativity and opportunity wisely.

10th Card Drawn – 6 of Wands


The 6 of Wands represents a victory so to speak. This card is all about being recognized for your work. This card is where you shine. I feel as though the universe moves us here for more assistance and perhaps evn favor. This can also represent elevation such as job promotion, moving uo higher in your business and matters such as these. Stick to your true security and boldness in who you have become and your work’s proof shone. Becareful for your expectations not to make foolish errors.


11th Card Drawn – King of Swords


This card is right on time! King of Sword represents DOMINION! Becareful though not getting to into the details when working with others so much that you can cause others to turn cold towards you. You are of a much higher intelligence is what the dead are saying. So, you must procede with caution because you don’t want to lose this position. Politics is positive for positive things so you must learn to be easy when working with others. Remember this card is you and can over power some times. Take heart because you have made it thus far.


Last Card Drawn – Queen of Cups

20180428_200222.jpg The Queen of Cups represents favor and blessings to you. I also kinda get hung up sometimes over the female and male aspect cards. I always believe its an aspect of the person I am reading but I really do see it now as a female of great reputation who has this person’s back. This is great news! A reason why I look at it as the aspect part of the person is because it says that the person which is being read can be influenced or just has this energy of being or acting as a care giving person like a parent. It says mother but obviously us dudes can’t be mothers, sisters, aunts and gramas lol. The aspect par is that if it’s a male, the male is the caring person that feels fatherly and motherly towards a group or just a larger percentage of the people that this person who is being read is around. All in all the dead say….Trust in her!

This has been a Cris Blakk Psychic Reading using the Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani.




So Ghost Gathering event took place at the Heritage Museum in Santa Ana. My friend Herbert had invited me as a psychic to do readings for that time. It was a Sunday evening and never did readings at that time ever. I can’t believe as soon as the time came to 5pm, the manager had opened the gates to let all the people in. I almost started to look like I wasn’t going to read anyone. I set my table up already and took a pic and posted it to facebook. The whole week before hand I had been advertising the event on my network. I was so excited but the people started to say “Oh god a psychic.” Of course I just ignored it and began to like help other people with their stands and booths. My neighbor booth was these two ladies who were selling clothes like band T’s and cool ass ties. They were so kind to lend me this drape that I was able to block the sun from blinding me lol. So then one of the workers asked if I could read her and her friend. I read her and she was pretty shocked. Then her friend and something that the energy was pointing to about how certain people in her life that she needed to watch out for and not to trust everyone that claims friendship and she started to cry and out of no where I look up and there was a line. Then an hour later there was a crowed and so many people gave up waiting but to be honest, I never read so many people. It was a great time and I had lots of fun reading all those people but most of all it was the fact that they were so happy with the reading and it was by donation. I was very glad and blessed to have friends come and pick me up after it closed and since I was so far from home, I was able to spend the night. It was truly a great event. Can’t wait to do it again next Halloween Season.

Graphic art font done by KHAOTYK ARTWERXCB Divination

It was about 4 years ago I was invited along with Gail Chasin to go to this Disney special luncheon.  This first year of studying esoteric sciences and philosophies had me so suped up that I started to guide conversations into a scary guessing game that had one employee at the Espn restaurant asked how I knew detailed info about his situation and I said well I’m psychic. The guy I was talking to said his whole staff was down there and all these awesome people came over and began to crowed and ask me questions so I had to bring control and ask them to please allow one person at a time. They were so impressed that more people started to crowed around me. I was so scared because I didn’t lie but I sure was not reading professionally and didn’t have a job reading because in fact, even though I wasn’t fully trained to read tarot cards or any divination tool, I had began to do this thing where I read people through my palms energy. The one thing was that I was getting kinda sad because I never thought I was going to become a psychic or attain psychic skills. This was a big encouraging moment as a person who just began to search about magick, healing and psychic work.

One time I was homeless and I did a psychic reading to a person that was so touched by all I had to say and help that they found out I was homeless and gave me a key to an additional apt they had. I am so blessed to be in this world helping people. All ever wanted to do in life is help people. I wish to become so wealthy that I do readings and healings and works for people who can’t afford it for FREE. I don’t have to wait I mean, I do free readings for my friends a lot lol. I don’t care but I am blessed when I do get paid for my gift. I hope to one day have my own Artisan Camp Grounds. I know one day it will all fall into place.

So now I’m moving around and enjoying California from the valley, to Noho, Downtown LA, Long Beach and Orange County. I love being all over the place. I’m never board and I know soon my girl and I will have this camp ground because she is even more amazing than I. She reads all these different type of cards but one of her more advanced and interesting forms of divination is her way to do psychic readings through art. She draws a scene but knows the person’s name first. When I first heard of it, I was so impressed because she had read a friend or two and they totally enjoyed it. Khaotyk Artwerx is her art company and I’m so glad that we support each other.

If you need a reading please call or if you are in Long Beach, the fourth Saturday of every month I do readings at the UMS Church off of 8th and Obispo ave from 10am-2pm.

I also am available for Prana Healing, Consultations for Works and Life Coaching.