Forward, Humans

Time is now the only solution. Time is how we go on or maybe not for some but this whole earth boat pushing through the best way we can on a daily is at least better than giving up. Time is all we got man! All I can say is that I am living and trying. My hope for the climbing up whatever ladder this is supposed to be on a personal level is always strong and ready to go. Even if it goes on a road that is so unfair in so many ways for so many people but what can we do but get in onward soldier mode. My soul is still going. So many frames of life like movie clips rhat keep clicking and showing nice and strong scenes and got me thinking on all the how, whens and why or why-nots in my life. I don’t see whats so hard about living in peace even with someone who is nothing like you. Why is it so hard to have peace with your neighbor? Are you afraid your neighbor is going to barge right into your house and take your wife and kids or belongings? Why are you so afraid and live in fear? You are the reason why this world is fucked up! I do see now why and that is loss. I know stupid because it’s an assumption. A simple stupid notion based on assumption. Why stupid? Because not one notion was ever right. You may see relationships that are weird to you but it’s not weird to the rest of the world and maybe it is just because two people want it to be and that is not wrong either. The biggest reason for racism and hate and all the bigotry all over America and the world is loss. The whole reason for hating dark-colored skinned people, gays, people of different religion or whatever else people hate on so foolishly is because of the ability we all carry to do more than a regular human can do. This where jealous energy comes in. We were made to be magical and reach heights that have not been met. There are certain men in this world that will never meet those fetes. There are certain men and women that can’t do higher minded things and sometimes those very same people exist as the most wealthiest and are able to move the ground under our feet to make them happy that a single creature existing in a magnetic field of utopia and for whatever reason you can’t seem to get your own magnetic field going, you wanna destroy what you can’t have. So in the year 2018 what do we do about this?

I say the reason why Utopia is not forming right before our very eyes is that the playing field is super uneven. The number of homeless and poor folks who can’t afford certainties in this life, like homes. Did you know that the bank is holding homes right now ready to be bought while so many people die and suffer in the street? This is so evil man!  I’ts not supposed to be: “Kill or be killed, Dog eat dog”…..that’s evil. Selfishness is why we are all in this position. Greed and the blood of the innocent are the reasons why we are all just not happy. From The Higher up in society to the middle class, lower class, homeless and world travelers, I don’t think anyone on this train which people are clueless to the rat race. But really we as the human race need to get the fuck off the greed and hustle train, man!

We are all killing each other because “they” taught us how to live like this even centuries before our great great great grandparents so it’s not our faults that we were born into the belly of the beast and now trying to climb out. You think I wish don’t wish I owned a great big house and land in the country? So peaceful, so quiet. I ignore it all now. I used to have a misunderstanding of why certain people turn their head from attrocity. Its not that they are turning their head. It’s that they are waiting just like me. So there is nothing we can do but move forward to the point where we are stealth. Besides the powers that be, the truth, who we are, the reason they killin us, the truth….all I can say is that we know it and you know it! So, just chill and move forward like if you just don’t even see or care about everything and in your chamber you manifest forward. Smile and redirect the energies accordingly. Remember, these people are fighting for their last hooras. They don’t understand, look at their minds and how they hate and kill each other for money. That will all fade away. In the mean time let the swamp drain if it’s really going to because if you ask me it’s always a fucking show or a lie like both sides in the deep s t a t e lol. I just stay to myself and continue to manifest. In the end, all that matters is where your heart was at. They don’t let us win and show because then they wanna kill. If there was a way to go back to the way things were where there is no industrial revolution and people just sing and dance and you don’t have to pay it. There was no homeless but travelers and they were always well. If they needed medical attention, they got it. Food? Got it. Clothes, things a wagon ride, money, man, back then a traveler lived life exactly the way it probably should have been lived even then. Imagine if we could all barter and make our own way to live with water and electricity?

Imagine if we all went back to that natural life. Where the waters were clean and so was the soil, water and food. No sicknesses. No hospitals but every portion of gathered people had their own medical type care person. Imagine how fruit tasted or certain vegetables. Imagine how the air smelled back then and the beaches. Grass and soil must have been so perfect and glowing. Imagine the energy you can feel in the air without your ears hissing with them damn EMF or whatever the hell that sound torture they are trying to do to us. I know my ears don’t ring to my death, thats bullshyt. Fuck tv and people making money off of other’s talents. Imagine if we had the chance to entertain people the old school way. Imagine if we could all farm. Imagine if we could all take care of the animals and do it being cool with each other even if we are black, white, asain, latino and have different views and religions or not but still be able to live together?

When I was a kid and played in the school parking lot, all the teachers and people politically connected would always be hanging out and so many people laughing and smiling and getting along. Kids not caring about skin color or religion but playing together and also laughing and making fun of stuff. I remember this clearly as a kid and as an adult sorry to say. People all over this city if you’re not shooting someone, stabbing them or trying to ruin their lives because of the color of their skin then at least you can say that its moving forward. I think that is whats happening. I must say in NY you don’t see people of color fighting like it was way back in the 60s 70s and 80s. I don’t get it but whatever. I always hear stupid shyt coming out of people’s mouths. Not only am I psychic but I can hear very well from a long ways away whether it’s behind my back and I hear what people say. Not saying that they are talking about me but I hear things at certain times when there is drama being riveted into the atmosphere even if it wasn’t a big deal but anyways, The whole defending has to come to a point where we are stealth, flint faced and acting like we don’t care and just move forward. The worst thing you can do to the opposition is ignore them because that just makes anyone wanna quit but at least their energy cannot come anywhere near you because you chose not to allow anything they say or do move you in any way. Did you know that the media lies with all the bad news all the time because a larger population and percentage of people all over the world do not want to fight or be against each other even for the reasons of religion. There are more people of different paths getting along and living regularly on a daily but the news doesn’t cover that.

One thing I do know for sure and that is when you find the right friends to build with, trust me when I say don’t lose them because that is something better than blood. Let’s instead of waiting on manifestations, lets just make this year the year of all years. Work hard and get a head start so that the universe see us making and paving for what we really want. You can pray for or manifest a desire you choose to obtain in life but you will never get it the way you will if you put your hands and feet to the work of it. You gotta physically act like you living that manifestation or prayer and then you will truly see the Universe in your favor.


Cris Blakk

By CrisBlakk

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