Build Around Your Radius of Life Not UP

I’ve been on this grind about rebutting the great american hate machine that has been reeking havoc on all media and the viewers from west to east, north and south is just ridiculous. What can you do if they’re showing off by punching america in the face with the new candidacy that is shocking as to how this was all allowed to happen.

This is all getting exhausting and truly life draining. This whole thing is so unhealthy that I just wanna focus on the creative ideas to build the community for the better well fare of the nation. We need to be raising the energy of the community. I can’t begin to describe the pain of a nation of good souls but nobody cares and the people who do care seem to not be getting heard. I am not giving up this fight. I can never give up fighting for good shyt, you know what I mean man? I mean, I think its not for any reason but normal. Its like my soul has this indigenous way about it that cherishes the ancient ways. I love for there to be peace and calmness and enjoying the moment for no excitable reason but for just what is. I’m not a thrill seeker but I am passionate about so much and I can’t wait for the things that I would really like to be successful at come. Some of us want great things just for the greatness of it and there is nothing wrong with that but I’m just trying to be a regular being and be around people that I care for and want to take care of for always. I don’t think building up works because everyone is programmed to knock your towers down as soon as you build UPWARD.

Funny I followed this idea online name building with advertising and the internet flux but if you know what your doing you can get your name out there with hashtags alone. Anyway, I’m usually spewing this on Malignos Ritual Workshop but my shyt is in the shop lol. I am glad to write anyway, I get more therapy in a way. Its scary to go on the radio. I used to flip out because I would fuck up or just not have the right equipment but I don’t care, I just love to be on the radio. So this is it. I had a few bad months as far as the vibe I felt which is not like someone throwing but like something stronger anyway I don’t want to get into the whole possibly satellite laser punishment thing that I think some rich people do on the public and/or these sounds that are supposed to do something to us or make us do something like maybe mess up a lot. Eh, who knows but its something I feel.

So, the good news is that the only reason why the so called bad rich guys are doing all this is because of the amazing progress that people of color and culture have managed here on earth and that is utopia without realizing it. See what these fools didn’t see coming was that there own kids would be the reason or perhaps their grandkids, people they fucked over and got away, and just the idea that their time is so over and we will rise out of this clutch of the laws of men being girded too tight, which makes say…”I CAN’T BREATH!!!” We are now in the now and must know that only the now and at every present moment is the “when” in which we are or were searching for. It’s logic and science and its more also. I don’t know what happened to people but I’m so glad to know that the lies in the media are so easy to just let go. I don’t know the medial instruction of what should be but I know that any group of people must have EQUAL opportunity in the whitehouse and that is not so nor was it so with Obama and this is not an attack on Obama but the truth. The day that president Obama said “I am the president of black america,” I just knew that it was a distraction. I never again believed in the american candidacy of washington dc. I love my America that I grew up with. I grew up in the trisate area where jews, muslims, christians, hindus, atheists, and all kinds of people of any walk of life were children getting along just because we wanted to have fun and now that we are adults, we are supposed to be more mature and get a long even better but we become more selfish and even more filled with fear.

I love America so Im just going to do me, my music, my magick and my love for things like my family, art and health awareness. I will still fight for the injustice even if it is through blogging lol.

To all the people who hated and prayed for my down fall, fuck you man because you can now lick my balls! How you like me now bitch? LOL Whats so funny is your coward asses stay hiding and your hateful magick always seems to turm to liquid garbage. Yall aint shyt! Hahahaha

I’m chillin and I’ll be plexin doin my thing while you stress and worry about how you are going to make it and hoping that your next magick spell saves you. I’m living real life man with the people I love!

In the name of NZAMBI


By CrisBlakk

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