Onward Awakened People

I took a huge break from talking to many people on social network. I’m doing one last radio show an then it’s off to the bat-cave for me! Feels good to be getting on the roll with this change and finally finish writing this book on polygons.

You know when Trump became president I was in the middle of working with two clients. In my delusion and assumption forgetting the toying of the owners of the world and how they do, I got lost in wanting to beat up racists. I let it twist me up and allowed it to sway my decision making. It’s the pussycat move by the owners of the world because they know they lost control a ling time ago and it’s served to you live on a silver plater in living fucking color man! Yeah, I know I went on this knuckle dragging rage on social media but Oh well. I moved on and now I have calmed down a lot because after all thid slap in the face that we are dealing with hear was always hard to see from individuals who don’t really know what it’s like to be a person of color because it’s smarmy and side windy and really just an illusion. So it’s training time! Time to block the bullshyt out but pay attention to the real parts and just move forward and move forward in your daily routine and goals. Don’t be getting into arguments or fights at least till the Spring. I kid but an old witch buddy once told me sometimes you don’t always have to strike back in a magick or witch war. There is a multiple candle spell called a transference. A transference spell vacuums the attack and changes it in your favor perhaps financial need or a person to approve something. So this how I am looking at my life and the ridiculousness of the current presidency. Time to ignore this circumstance, block it out and walk through it winning because we focused on our goals and not the race bait media. I sure don’t appreciate seeing black women and people that may not be the type to fight get stabbed by countless ads little maysogynistic dudes. I want to get them back like such a taste in my mouth that reminds me of how wolves crave it. That’s sad but to make a difference you gotta have some foundation and I can’t get that focusing of something I have no power in immediately fixing. I myself am happy going forward with my plans in my endeavours. I don’t care to know what’s going on with the world anymore because where I am and where I be and where I go, there ain’t no body treating me no kinda bad way. Until that day comes which I must say has not happened for many many years, I can take care of myself. I might have had a run-in with certain types of individuals once or twice on the west coast but I handled it obviously. I guess I’m just hating to humble myself at this time but I know it’s the wise thing. Protesting at this point is only a waist of time.

I remember almost 4 years ago sitting in a friend’s living room talking about this guest that was on the morning show or a morning fox show, I can’t remember exactly. The first was this lady who had discussed that since there was going to be more of a financial decline and that the only way to make it is to be creative and that the regular business minded approach is not going to survive. I am glad to be moving forward today on to bigger and better things. During the the 1st week of April I was on iMagination Radio and Ken the DJ asked me if I saw or had a general message and at first I was about to say no. Then I saw it and I remember saying that it was time for everyone to tighten up. Then it actually manifested in time with the month of Its the Orisha was for anything out the rough edges, getting our jobs in tune from the normal slack due to comfort and basically just straightening out our lives. And to those wanting something higher that they were ready, just take it. Grab your ideas and make it happen! This is the time to attack the job hunting game or moving forward in your business, or any goals like getting in shape, saving money(this means no spending) and any big or small goals you have been wanting to get at. Deleting my personal facebook page is helping so much. Perhaps there is something in your life that is not necessarily killing you but it’s unhealthy and maybe even taking up your time from doing the things you really wanna go in this life and maybe it’s time to temporary cut it off or for good. Don’t let nothing stop you! Look out for this Saturday early morning Shabbat time for a new episode welcoming Tim Ravenrotar who interviews magical people and this time I will be interviewing Tim on Malignos Ritual Workshop.

Sarava and have a safe weekend! \m/

By CrisBlakk

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