Burning Bright Vibrations (Leimert Park)

It was an excitable Sunday all day due to Leimert’s weekly fair and all the energy that had been built up gathered itself to all the after hour live music spots. I was so blessed to meet a few amazing people who invited me to the place that was called The Grill. I couldn’t believe my soul was stirred gently as soon as I walked in to this amazing musical vibeology. It was like a live wire but all good vibes, no negativity whatsoever. I was so enthralled by what I was feeling and saw all the people, all the brothers and sisters that are a part of this beautiful establishment just chillin and relaxing and sending out beautiful vibes enough to raise a broken soul from the dead. image Frankincense and myrrh fragrance oil filled the air and the sounds of reggae music was the healer my mind and heart that night. I couldn’t help but to just dive in and absorb this huge sun like ray that was clear and evident to me. This feeling was something like I have never felt. It was the super power of all energy work and it was coming from a shop. There were so many bands and this one band that was up there jamin when my friend and I walked in was so powerful that I immediately began to feel release of pressure inside. Whether the pressure I felt inside was mental, emotional or whatever, I know that it was meant for me to come here. So many people had treated me like a king and so many greeted me with kindness, smiling and lifting me up. I was never in a place like this which was so free and there came to me a sonic boom but gentle and clean filled with multitudes of loving kindness. About three of four bands played that night and two spoken word performers. This one young lady rocked the whole place and set it a blaze, she had nothing but pure fiya comin out her throat chakra, It was so great! There is nothing better to be at a place like this with some people that I consider to be the best of friends and enjoying and returning all these healing vibes. All good things that night came from chillin with my friends at this amazing spot in Leirmert Park. Give Thanks Cris Blakk


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